In recent years, when consumers’ needs of qualified living standars and healthy-green-fresh products keep growing, Aquaculture Industry in gerneral and Pangasius fillets in particular rapidly becomes outstanding with the Worldwide recognition as a leading safe and sustainable food supply to meet both quantity and quality requirements of the current modern Global picture.

Catching that trend, ANMYFISHCO has focused on improving our production’s quality by complying management regulations strictly to produce Pangasius fillets that bring the “breath” of convenience for modern life but still keep its originally fresh tastes, firming shapes and nutrition.

ANMYFISHCO have honorably won the prestige from Foreign markets for many years. Currently, we are constantly coming back to serve domestic market by supplying Traditional products with Internaltional standards and supremely affordable price.

Fillet cá Basa

Well-trimmed Basa Fillet

Fillet cá Basa còn da

Skin-on Basa Fillet

Cá Basa tẩm vị

Marinated Basa Fillet

Cá Basa cắt miếng

Basa Portion

Cá Basa còn da cắt miếng

Skin-on Basa Portion

Cá Basa còn da cắt miếng tẩm vị

Marinated Basa Portion

Cá Basa xẻ bướm

Basa Butterly

Cá Basa cắt cube

Basa Cube

Cá Basa cuộn hoa hồng

Rose Rolling Basa

Cá Basa cắt khúc

Basa Steak

Cá xiên que

Basa Skewer

Cá Basa nguyên con còn đầu

Whole Basa Fish

Vẩy cá Basa

Basa Fin



Food made from Basa Fish: Fishball, fishcake, tofu, Basa Fish Paste with Lemongrass, …