Well-trimmed Basa Fillet, skin-on Basa Fillet, portion, butterly, cube,…


Food made from Basa Fish: Fishball, fishcake, tofu, Basa Fish Paste with Lemongrass, …


The Seafood Import Export Company specializes in raising and processing Tra and Basa fish exports in An Giang province.

With the goal of quality put on top, ANMYFISHCO with a team of experienced engineers has invested and developed many areas of clean fish farming in An Giang and neighboring provinces by strict control from farming to harvest. Feed supplied to the raw material from the company’s seafood processing factory. Therefore, the company can harvest the best raw materials to process the best products.

Pangasius is such a healthy choice of families and especially children due to its easy-to-cook nature and great source of Omega 3 (EPA, DHA), rich in Protein, low in saturated fat, cholesterol and zero carbohydrates.

White fish like Pangasisus provide you with high-quality protein and low calories, it can be a beneficial food particularly for people who pay special attention to a healthy diet.

People who eat more fish like Pangasius may live longer and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease especially coronary heart disease, reduce cholesterol content and increase antioxidant.